Anytime I was resisting anything that was happening to me in life, I was actually feeding my very own life energy to that thing. By doing so, I myself was actually amplifying whatever was coming at me to be even stronger and bigger. I was feeding it myself!

Then I realized, when I do not resist to what is happening, that energy just passes by me. It does not affect me, and it does not bring me down.

By non resisting I actually create a huge space for myself to think about everything that is going on and decide on the most impactful course of action. I preserve my energy and I use it wisely to resolve present challenges.

Non Resistance saved me so many times from being caught and drawn into the mud of low frequencies of human life.

Simply saying ‘YES’ ten times with deep breathing did miracles for me.

I would imagine energy of a challenging person or situation I am dealing with that is right in front of me. I would take few deep and slow breaths in and out, and say ‘YES’ to that person or a thing. I would repeat this ten times. And I would not rush. I would really feel the energy, be sincere when saying ‘YES’.

To clarify, saying ‘YES’ really means saying yes to whatever has been causing the issue or problem. That ‘yes’ is like some deep reconciliation of energies that are unsettled. Energies which are looking for their ways to untangle.

By saying sincere ‘YES’ I actually initiate transformation of these energies into a new life. It is a true miracle how simple word ‘YES’ is so mighty and powerful.