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Essential Life Questions

Sooner or later we all face these essential life questions. Usually when life pressures are hard, we go to the depths of our Being where we eagerly search for the answers.

What Is The Purpose Of My Life?

Why Do I Suffer So Much?

What Is This Life All About?

Who Am I?

Why Am I Here?

Divine Guidance

Divine Guidance book provides these deeply sought answers to the life’s most pressing questions.

In the Divine Guidance you can find rare knowledge and insights about the universal laws which directly determine what we will experience in our lives and why we suffer.

And what we can do to resolve the most challenging life experiences. To transform suffering & pain into creation and fulfillment. To deeply purify our lives. To open the doors of genuine prosperity.

Divine States Of Consciousness

From Divine Guidance Book 

We humans are incredible beings. Divine Beings.

Through real life stories presented in the Divine Guidance book, you will be able to learn about the highest states of our consciousness. Our very own native states of Being.

Divine Light, Divine Peace, Divine Love, Divine Constellations, Divine Support, Pure Potentiality and Energy of Life Transition.

After reading Part II, The Lighthouses, you will never be the same. Your very own Being will be touched by the Divine energies.

Inner Divine Peace

From Divine Guidance Book

‘Inner Divine Peace is Alpha & Omega of our life & our Being. When we are in a state of Inner Divine Peace, a direct connection with the Source Of Life is established.

Inner Divine Peace is the mightiest state of our consciousness. That which untangles & resolves the most difficult life challenges & struggles.

We all have immediate access to it!’


From Divine Guidance Book

When vibrating in the highest frequencies of our Bing, our every cell starts to glow in the Divine Light.

That is when our very own thoughts and emotions become the mightiest creators. Creators of a new life. Awakened Life.

That is when we become Co-Creators of a new planet. Awakened Planet.

Awakened Life

From Divine Guidance Book

Life is one of the biggest gifts we can get. It is our utmost important duty and responsibility to make the most from it.

The Purpose of Life

The very purpose of every single life is to become one with the Source of Life. To vibrate in these highest frequencies of our Being.

Mission of Life, Divine Calling

Every single human has his/her own mission of life. A Divine Calling. An assignment given to us by the Source.

Live A True Life

When we start working on our mission of life, our Divine Calling, everything in life changes. Struggles & suffering transform into creation, service and true fulfilment.

Awakened Community

From Divine Guidance Book 

We are not alone! We never have been alone!

When we connect and work together, locally and globally, when we share our knowledge, experience and resources, what we can achieve is truly incredible.

Join our Awakened Community, Awakened Planet Seeders & Co-Creators.

Awakened Planet

From Divine Guidance Book 

Awakened Humans create and live on Awakened Planet!

We protect & nurture Mother Nature with zero impact, zero pollution living.

Every individual works on fulfilling his/her mission of life by contributing to the wellbeing of all.

Our collective success is measured by the level of Inner Divine Peace & Love in our hearts.

Every person expands his/her own Being into Oneness with the Source of Life.

Together we create Heavens on Earth!

Deeply Moved

After reading the entire book I was deeply moved by the life stories. The Lighthouses. Continuing to process all that I’ve learned. Thank you for your great work.

Peter C.
Toronto, Canada


River of Life, Family Energy Inheritance,  Purification of Life, these realizations deeply moved me & inspired to start working on my on life transformation.

Sanya S.
London, UK

Inner Divine Peace

What made the most impact on me was realization about Inner Divine Peace. My entire life I have been searching for this answer. Solution for all problems.

Lily G.
Belgrade, Serbia

Clear Path 

Personal & planetary Awakening has been part of my life mission too. It is great to see that now we have a book that provides clear guidance on this path.

Ivan P.
Los Angeles, USA

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