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3rd of March 2024
10th of March 2024
17th of March 2024
24th of March 2024


11:00AM – 02:00 PM EST


Online: Zoom

Regular Fee

$267 (US$)

Early Registration Fee

$199 (US$)
For all registration completed prior to the 26th of February 2024.


Deeply Grateful

‘What I learned about the hidden dynamics that pre-determine our relationships in life was a huge piece for me. Did not have a clue how important mother and father relationships for me and my children are. I am deeply grateful for your work!’
Maryana P., Los Angeles, USA 

Could Not Believe

‘I simply could not believe what was happening at the energy level of my relationship with my mother and father. WOW! How little do we know about our lives!! Luckily for me, now everything is very very different, many thanks for your workshop!’
Marina J., Toronto, Canada 

Truly Magnificent

‘Over the years I worked on the relationship with my mother but nothing worked. Until I started working in the family constellations. It has been truly a huge blessing to find this modality. Now I enjoy a great relationship with my mother. Cannot say enough thank yous!’
Irina J., Belgrade, Serbia 

Healing Relationship With Your Parents

One of the biggest life secrets is the significant importance our parents have in our lives. A huge impact that the relationship with our parents has on the way we live our lives today.

What kind of life we live, what we achieve (or not), how much we struggle and suffer, what kind of key relationships we have, all of this is largely pre-determined by the quality of our relationship with our parents.

The main goal of the Healing Relationship With Parents Workshop is to initiate a positive transformation of your relationship with your mother and your father. By doing so, we are aiming to release your current pressures and burdens, as well as to initiate new positive changes in the relationship with your mother and father, and ultimately in your life.

Some of the most significant challenges and issues we are dealing with in our lives could have deep roots in our relationship with our parents regardless if our parents are alive or not.  

Expand Understanding of Life

At this workshop, we will share with you valuable insights about hidden dynamics related to our parents that dramatically determine how we live our lives and what we can do about it. This is truly precious and highly impactful.

Relationship With Parents Healing  Movements

At this workshop, you will have a unique opportunity to meet and connect with the energy of your parents, your mother and your father, to initiate profound healing movements. This is quite unique, profound and majestic in many ways.

The agenda for the individual weekly workshop sessions is as follows:

  • Session 1: Connect With Your Parents
    Connect with the energy of the current state of the relationship with your parents to initiate the healing flow.
  • Session 2: Relationship With Your Mother
    Connect with the energy of the current relationship with your mother and initiate the healing flow.
  • Session 3: Relationship With Your Father
    Connect with the energy of your current relationship with your father and initiate the healing flow.
  • Session 4: New Relationship With Your Parents 
    Connect with the energy of your new relationship with your parents after the three weeks of our transformational work.

As listed above this workshop consists of four sessions. Each session is 3 hours long.

Healing Relationship With Your Parents Guided Meditations

Each participant of this workshop will get 1 month of free access to our Family Circle Healing and Prosperity guided meditations available on our mobile application ‘A True Life’. 

Meet Other Wonderful Souls 

At this workshop, you will have an opportunity to meet with other wonderful souls from around the world.

It is always a great and truly enriching time that we spend together. This is truly encouraging and fulfilling.

Your Own Questions & Insights

At this workshop, you will have an opportunity to ask questions related to your situation with your parents and get valuable input and insights.

Registration & Price

Regular price for this workshop is $267 (US dollars).
For Early Registrations the price is $199 (US$) for payments made before the 28th of February 2024 . Registration and payment can be made below.

Please note that the number of places for this event is limited (we work in smaller groups).

Great Gift

Give yourself one of the biggest gifts of all, the strength & support of your parents! Consider sharing this with your closest friends or other family members.

Workshop Constellator

This workshop is led by Veso Bjelakovic. Mr. Bjelakovic has been in the family circle healing practice for over 10 years, both as a client and as a constellator.

Mr. Bjelakovic is a firm believer that to be an effective family circle healing practitioner, one has to go through the same healings as all other people. For that reason he has been committed to his own healing and improving his own family circle for over a decade.

In addition, Mr. Bjelakovic has completed Systemic and Family Constellations training providing him with the required knowledge and practice to successfully facilitate  sophisticated energy transformations. More over, he has a decade-long experience in conducting various types of family circle healing workshops as well as individual healing sessions.

Mr. Bjelakovic is committed to unlocking human potential to live a truly purposeful and fulfilled life. He is the founder of ‘A True Family’ project and movement.

Coming Soon Workshops

Our team is diligently working on preparing new workshops for healing family relationships. 


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