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Restore Your Family Wellbeing & Prosperity

Give yourself and your dearest biggest gift of all, a truly prosperous and purposeful life.

Release Stuck Energies

Meditation music together with the power statements invites your soul to free up deeply stuck energies.

Heal Key Family Relatioships

As the stuck energies start releasing, the healing of the key relationships in the family starts unfolding.

Opening of New Possibilities

In parallel, as the stuck energies are releasing, new possibilities & opportunities start appearing in life.

Tremendous Support

When connected with the family and your ancestors, their tremendous support will be provided to you.

Protection & Care

As family relationships will start harmonizing, strong protection from your ancestors will be there for you.

Achieving New Heights

With all this new positive energy & support, you will be able to achieve new heights in your life.

Feel Satisfied & Fulfilled

When key family relationships improve & prosper, we feel deeply satisfied & fulfilled. 

Expand Your Inner Peace

With all these positive changes in your family, a new space of Inner Divine Peace opens within you.

Enjoy A New Life

Family Circle Healing & Prosperity guided mediations lead you into a new life, into A True Life.

Included Guided Meditations

Family Healing

My Mother, My Support & Prosperity

My Father, My Strength & Success

My Parents, My Success & Prosperity

My Grandmother, Gratitude & Love

My Grandfather, Gratitude & Love

My Ancestors, My Strength & Prosperity

My Brother, Joy & Love

My Sister, Joy & Love

My Siblings, Joy & Love *

My Wife, Respect & Love

My Husband, Respect & Love

My Family, My Life & Prosperity *

My Daughter, Wellbeing & Blessing

My Son, Wellbeing & Blessing

My Children, Blessing & Love *

Family Prosperity

Claim Life Prosperity

Claim Clarity of Life

Inner Divine Peace

My Project, Making Difference in Life

Freeing Anxiety, Live A True Life

Freeing Anger, Live A True Life *

Rejuvenate Body, Restore Harmony

Wellness, Transform Into Wellness

My Heart, My Life & My Light

My Soul, My Essence

Relationship, Transform Relationship

Inner Divine Peace, The Mightiness of Life

Oneness With the Source of Life

Awakened Planet, Heavens on Earth

* Coming soon

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A True Life Guided Meditations Subscription

A True Life guided meditations subscription includes all of our meditations for Family Circle Healing and Life Prosperity Transformation series. This subscription also includes all future new meditation releases.

Meditation Options

Each meditation comes with:

  • Guided Mediation with calming introduction
  • Guided Meditation without intro
  • Guided Mediation music only

Access To All Meditations

With the subscription you get access to all meditations including:

  • Family Circle Healing meditations
  • Life Prosperity meditations
  • New Upcoming meditations

Unlimited Listening

All meditations are available anytime for listening:

  • 7×24 access to all meditations 
  • Listen whenever you want
  • Listen for as long as you want 


All of our meditations are available under one subscription plan priced to be affordable for everyone.


You have the freedom to listen to the guided meditations as per your desire, they all are available for you.


Our meditations you can listen at any time and on any device, your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.  

Satisfaction Guarantee

If at any time you are not satisfied with our work please let us know. We take input from our clients very seriously.

Questions & Support

If at any time you may have any questions or may need additional information/explanations or guidance, we are here for you.

Your Ideas & Suggestions

If at any point you have ideas for new mediations or suggestions please let us know, we will seriously evaluate it.


People who have subscribed to A True Life guided meditations have become our extended global family.

Here are some of their thoughts and testimonials.

Deeply Moved

It was incredible to watch how my relationship with my mother started to change as I was getting at peace, me and my mother found a new relationship!

Peter C.
Toronto, Canada

A Huge Relief

After a few days of listening to My Father mediation, the deep sadness I was carrying for years started to dissolve. And new life energy started to appear. Thank you!

Sanya S.
London, UK

New Son 

Me & my son had quite a challenging relationship. To our surprise, after I started listening to My Son meditation, he started to open up. A miracle to us.

Yvan G.
Los Angeles, USA


Inner Divine Peace guided meditation is truly profound. Its music, the guiding voice, the composition of it, it is really profound. Blessed that I found it. 

Lily G.
Belgrade, Serbia

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