About Us

Restore Prosperous Families
One Family At A Time

The Power of Family Harmony

A True Family initiative is a result of the enthusiasm of people who believe in the Power of Family, its purpose, its love, its care, its strength and its deep meaning. Our main goal is to assist people in restoring harmony in their families, one family at a time.

For All Generations

Our children deserve to live prosperous, truly fulfilled and purposeful lives. Lives filled with love, peace, respect, fun, joy, service, creation & Oneness. As our children prosper and enlighten, we prosper with them too. And all of our family generations. This is our vision.

Understanding of Life

The very first step in restoring family harmony and its power is remembering what is this life truly all about. Through our micro lessons, which we call Life Shares, we will be sharing valuable & important knowledge, realizations and experience about A True Life.

Family Circle Healing

We are witnesses that today the vast majority of families carry deep issues, trauma and pain. Through our Family Circle Healing modality, we will provide impactful tools and means to heal these challenges to open new possibilities in our lives.

Family True Prosperity

A True Prosperity is our very own native and natural state of being. Genuine relationships, love, peace, respect, health, well-being, financial safety, physical safety, growth, learning, responsibility … Restoring A True Prosperity is one of our key goals and objectives.

A True Community

‘It Takes a Village to Raise a Child!’ A True Community is a larger family of our own individual families living together in harmony, deep respect, appreciation, peace, love, mutual support, service and creation. Living in harmony with Mother Nature with zero impact on our planet Earth.

A New Planet

A New Planet! Heavens on Earth. Life on Planet Earth as once it was, humans in full harmony with Mother Nature and all living beings. A global community of enlightened communities from the entire world. Yes, we can do it, it is all up to us, when we awaken to our true possibilities.

A True Life

A True Family initiative is an integral part of the wider A True Life project. The main objective of A True Life project is our personal transformation into harmony, purpose, service and co-creation. To learn more about A True Life project please visit the link http://atruelife.net

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