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We are excited that you have made this decision to join us at our workshop. Family circle healing workshops are a unique opportunity to uncover and heal these hidden dynamics that sabotage our lives and to open new possibilities.

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With the registration for our workshop, you will receive two emails. One email is a confirmation of the registration and the second email is payment processing confirmation (this email will come from our payment processor Best Processes). 

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If at any time you may have any questions about our workshops or you may need additional information please do not hesitate to contact us at questions@atruefamily.org

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We would like to invite you to download our ‘A True Life’ free mobile application and try our Family Circle Healing guided mediations we have prepared for you. 

You can start healing these most precious relationships today by yourself! 

Change Yourself, Change Your Family

Your Inner Power To Heal Your Own Family

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A True Family Guided Meditations

Try our guided meditations to transform, heal and prosper your family’s key relationships.

The Power of Sound

Music in our meditations helps harmonize both hemispheres of the brain allowing changes in our stuck emotions.

Transformative Statements

Transformative statements in our meditations support the transition of stuck energy blockages into a new life. 

The Mightiness of Your Soul

The music and transformative statements resonate with your soul. It is your own soul which navigates changes.

Your New Life

As the stuck energies start releasing, new possibilities and opportunities would start appearing in your life.

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